Top Tip for Christmas Number 12: Mobile Aware Content

Kickdynamic recognises the device being used to view an email and as a result can display content that is only relevant to that device.

From our research we know that 65% of mobiles are opened on mobile devices, with a high number of conversions coming directly from mobile.

Use our device targeter to only display mobile content when the email is being viewed on a mobile. For example, display paypal at the top of the email so that recipients know that they have a quick, convenient payment method to complete their Christmas purchases.


Top Tip


lightbulbIf you have an app you could promote the relevant app and app store to the device being used. Show a call to action to download the app through iTunes if on an iPhone, or show the option to download the android app via google play for android if the recipient is viewing the email on an android device. Including device specific targeting into campaigns is an excellent strategy to drive cross channel conversions.


Although this isn't a festive example, it demonstrates how our device targeter could be used to display device specific app download messages.


If recipient opens on an iPhone they see:



If recipient opens on an Android they see:


android travel app

If they open on anything else they could see:




You could even chose to display an invisible gif if the email is opened on a mobile device. This will also save space in your email as those opening it on a device that isn't an iPhone or Android won't see the app information!


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