Top Tips for a stress-free Christmas!

The ho-ho-holidays are almost here. Christmas trees are popping up left, right and centre, the invites are rolling in and we’ve cracked open a good...

Standout email marketing during a predicted record breaking Christmas

With online shopping on the up, it’s no surprise that the number of people visiting the high street vs last year was down 8% by midday on the 24th...

Kickdynamic Christmas 2019

The Christmas spirit is overflowing in the Kickdynamic office. Mince pies are a plenty and a good few mulled wines have been consumed. We even caught...

An Outrageous Email

When an email lands in your work inbox with the from name you wonder what on earth is it and how it got there.

Top Tip for Christmas Number 13: Transaction & Delivery

Transactional emails are crucial to online shoppers and have a seriously high open rate.

Top Tip for Christmas Number 12: Mobile Aware Content

Kickdynamic recognises the device being used to view an email and as a result can display content that is only relevant to that device.

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