3. Content-based Recommender Systems

Let's continue our introduction to recommender systems by digging a bit deeper into content-based recommender systems. 

2. An introduction to Recommender Systems - Basic Models

Having introduced the goals of recommender systems in my previous article, let's carry on talking about the basic models used to develop...

1. An introduction to Recommender Systems - The Goal(s)

This article is written by Riccardo Saccomandi, Co-founder and CTO of Kickdynamic. 


Recommender systems started to gain a lot of importance in...

4 strategies for a successful Black Friday

Black Friday is right around the corner, but it’s probably going to look a little different this year. A strong email strategy is a vital...

Give 'em pumpkin to talk about with these Halloween ideas (+ subject lines)

Although it might be hard to believe that Halloween is fast approaching (insert joke about it still being March here), it’s almost time to head to...

When it comes to personalization in email the time for excuses is over

The email marketing landscape is constantly shifting, changing and adapting to new developments and challenges. Mobile is firmly cemented as the...

How can AI-powered personalization drive revenue for retailers?

Did you know that Amazon’s product recommendations on site drive 35% of their sales? The revenue-generating potential of real, individualized...

The BEST Cart Recovery Emails

Cart Recovery - if you get it right, it’s a gold mine.  

The BEST Welcome Emails

Welcome programmes are normally the first email marketing touchpoint you will have with a customer. Welcome emails are a big opportunity. Each...

How to integrate live content into your automated emails


I’ve worked in e-commerce and digital marketing for over 15 years, and email and CRM are my areas of specialism, and I love them (there, I’ve...

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