5 Tricks To Increase Newsletter Subscribers

List growth can be a challenge. You need quality email addresses signed up to your list that are going to stay engaged with your brand. Successful...

Smart Data, Not Big Data, For Email

One of the great things about email marketing is that there can be a large amount of data available to be used to improve email marketing performance.

Segmentation vs Personalization: They’re not the same

In a typical day I’ll probably say the words ‘email personalization’ a hundred times. What I’ve noticed is that my definition of email...

My top 3 order confirmation emails

I was helping my better half with our online order for the monthly food shop last week and after spending hours making sure we ordered all things...

Deliverability & Inboxes: The truth about images in email

As an email marketer and somebody that works closely with customers using open time technology powered by live images, I’m often asked how the...

Quick top tips for maximum email optimization

It goes without saying that every email marketer wants their emails to perform as best they can each and every send. Optimization is of utmost...

Spotlight: TK Maxx, why didn't you send a follow up email?

I recently received an email from TK Maxx that as a shoe addict, and a fan of the brand, instantly made me click through. After all, who doesn't love...

Content Feeds in Email- The Hot Topic of 2017

There are two hot topics going down in the KD office; one - the disaster that is Lent, and two, the brilliance that is content feed connection.

Dan Grech's goal for 2017: 'Do less'

Reflecting on the past year naturally brings anticipation of what 2017 will bring to the world of email marketing. 2016 saw our customers increasing...

The Power of Personalizing Images in Email

Personalization is a top priority for email marketers; from contextual levels to more obvious name or product specific personalization, there are...

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