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In our mission to celebrate great email, every week someone in the Kickdynamic team is going to record a short video to talk through their favourite email and the reasons why. Keep an eye out on our blog for a roundup each month, or if you'd like more, check out our new video gallery where we'll be adding the short snapshot videos as we see fantastic email that needs to be celebrated! 🎉 


It's a tough call as our customers continue to surprise us with fantastic content but here are Jordan, Eugénia and Jess to take you through their favourite emails from the last couple of weeks, enjoy! 


T.M.Lewin: Choose Your Look. Win £1000….


Here's Jordan to talk you through her favourite email from February. 



Or if you'd prefer to read about it...


With a very subtle animated gif and clear messaging, the email invites recipients to vote for their favourite look. A really stripped back design, each day of the week has it's own look and the number of votes it had received at every open. These numbers were only visible after a certain number of people had voted and emphasises the high engagement. The messaging throughout the email is really clear with the CTA repeated for every look. Somewhat surprisingly, Friday's look had the second-highest number of votes, highlighting that good content encourages people scroll and engage. 


To enhance this campaign, T.M.Lewin sent a timely follow-up email with content relevant to the look a recipient voted for with a very attractive offer code! The email displayed the products needed to create the chosen look. 


Watch this space for the impressive results coming soon! 


New Look: New and under £20 + FREE next day delivery


In this video Eugénia tells you why New Look hits the mark with their automated new in email. 



Usually when a brand builds their new in email, it takes a lot of time and resource; merchandising have to pick the products to show, design have to design how they're going to look then pass that onto the email team. In this time, one or more products may have gone out of stock and you're back to the start.


New Look's stripped back email showcases six products from multiple categories under £20. The team have added rules to the products to swap a product if it goes out of stock to avoid a negative experience. An added bonus on this email are the badges; 'Selling fast' when a product is close to sold out and 'Bestseller' when a product is popular and trending among customers in email and onsite. A great email that now its set up, it runs itself! Amazing work from the New Look team. 


Bulk Powders: Shop today and get your FREE gifts!


And finally here's Jess talking through one of her favourite campaigns from Bulk Powders. 




Across their email programs Bulk Powders leverage live content to drive engagement and stand out of the inbox. This email features a live poll asking recipients if they're running in this year's London Marathon to be able to send targeted and relevant content in the lead up to the event. As recipients engage with the poll and cast their votes, the percentages update on every email open. 


The team then use the click data to send personalized follow ups to each recipient that clicked. For those who are running this year's Marathon, they feature a live countdown timer ticking down to the event and showcase products that runners will find useful in their training and advice for them to achieve their goal. 


Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to record new videos, and feel free to share your faves with us! We're just an email away -



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