What does Peek mean for live content and opens?

iPhones can now sense how much pressure you apply to your touchscreen and respond accordingly; so what does this mean for the inbox & email marketing?


What does Peek mean for live content and opens?


Apple are no strangers to changing the way people consume and access content. The revolutionary iPhone’s have totally changed the way we interact with information. Their latest release of the iPhone 6s has proven to be no different, once again redefining the way we navigate our way to information. iPhones can now sense how much pressure you apply to your touchscreen and respond accordingly, bringing a new dimension to your iPhone experience with the addition of ‘Peek and Pop’.


How does it work?


The new 3D touch functionality allows iPhone users to preview content and take action without having to fully open a message, email or app. Here’s what Apple had to say:


“Peek and Pop let you preview all kinds of content and even act on it — without having to actually open it. For example, with a light press, you can Peek at each email in your inbox. Then when you want to open one, press a little deeper to Pop into it.”


Although it’s early days having only been released on 25th September, we’ve been thinking carefully about how this new ‘peek’ ability will affect email.

By simply pressing on the screen iPhone users are able to peek at an email - this means they are able to preview the email in the inbox without having to fully open it. Users can then take action by either swiping left to mark message as read, swiping right to delete it, fully open the email by sliding up or releasing the press to return to the inbox, leaving the email marked as unread.


Mobile usage and email


We see with our customers that more opens are made on a mobile device than any other. With this in mind we wanted to understand the potential peek and pop has to alter the email landscape.

65% of email opens tracked with kick dynamic are from a mobile device.

Live Images in Peek


We now know that Kickdynamic’s live images do display in the peek preview. Images are still live in peak and are contextual. Each time an iphone user peeks at your email, the preview content will update to show the latest content. Animated gifs, such as countdown timers also show in the preview.

One thing to note here is that the peek preview window only displays the top portion of an email therefore only content displayed at the top of your email is visible. If you wish to show live content in the peek window it needs to be towards the top of your email. To maintain clickthrough email previews need be compelling and look good. Your subject lines also need to make recipients want to open the email to view it in it’s entirety.


Tip: We recommend that email marketers test how their email renders in the peek preview.


Opens and Peeks


We also know that ‘peeking’ at an email in the native iPhone email client is counted as an open. Currently it is not possible for us to distinguish between peeks and opens so our technical team have been tasked with looking into ways to distinguish between the two - watch this space for an update!


Increased open rates, reduced clickthroughs

As this quick and efficient inbox management functionality becomes more widely adopted by iPhone users, email marketers are likely to see changes within their email analytics.

We already know that peeking counts as an open so it’s possible to reason that over time you may see an upward shift in open rates. However if recipients are peeking but not fully opening your email you may see a reduction in email clickthrough rates. Marketers need to be smart about content positioning within their emails. Displaying visually strong, compelling content in the top portion of an email so that it is visible in the peek preview will drive customers to open the email.

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