Upgrade Your Welcome Program In 2013

We are big fans of the Welcome Program here at Kickdynamic. I hope that you have one set-up; if so it should be performing well.


No idea what I'm taking about? A welcome program is a series of emails that are sent to new subscribers. Check out the beginners guide to starting a welcome program from Econsultancy.


When you send welcome emails immediately after someone has subscribed, your brand and company are top of mind and therefore your customers are more likely to engage.


That immediate email arriving in the inbox is now expected by your customers.


Want to get even more from your welcome program?


Don’t just send a generic series of emails that are the same to all new subscribers. A welcome email should be as timely, targeted and relevant as all email marketing messages. Changing your current welcome emails to be both more relevant and timely is easier that you think.


So what can you do?


Content based on subscriber source

Your subscribers will opt in from various sources and this should be reflected in the email they receive. Even just changing the snippet text or the first paragraph goes a long way to making your email relevant to your customers. It will make the email feel like it was sent specifically to them.


Here is an example for a customer opting in during a purchase:


"Thanks for your recent purchase. During your purchase you opted in to receive email marketing messages from us and this is the first one! We will be sending you a weekly email packed with information, offers and updates to keep your inbox happy. Want to tell us what email you want? Then update your email preferences here: (link to profile updates)”


You may even be getting subscribers from sources you don't know about; here are some to get you thinking:

  • New newsletter subscribers
  • Purchases who have opted in to receive email
  • Social and community subscribers
  • Product trials
  • Whitepaper downloads

Mobile and tablet content at time of open

If your customers open email on a mobile device or tablet you can display relevant content depending on their mobile device. For example, you can promote your iPhone or iPad app download for customers opening the email on their apple devices and another content snippet to your other customers.

This is type of content change is based on the open. It is a new way to think about relevant content.


Country of origin at time of open

As well as content based on mobile device you can also display content based on the country your customer is in when they open the email. The Welcome Email could therefore be location-relevant showing local time or local currency where appropriate.


This level of relevant content will make the email relevant to customers and therefore improve performance.


Taken action or not

A good welcome program has the main goal at it's core. If the main goal is to produce a conversion then once your custom does that the message should change. Not paying attention to how your customer has behaved to previous emails could mean that subsequent messages are less relevant.


For example, if you are sending a welcome series where the main goal is to produce a whitepaper download, all customer that download the whitepaper after the first email should not receive subsequent email or should have a different message.


What other elements have you built into your welcome program to improve performance? Let the team know

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