Make sure to click with your recipients!

Calls to action are everywhere; whether you’re reading emails, using an app on your mobile, or browsing a website for a new pair of shoes, you’ll be...

FIVE quick contextual wins you can implement right now

As I'm writing this it’s 10th June 2016. At exactly 2:30pm to be precise. And once again I’m astounded at how many emails I receive

What does Peek mean for live content and opens?

iPhones can now sense how much pressure you apply to your touchscreen and respond accordingly; so what does this mean for the inbox & email marketing?

57% opens on mobile devices - opportunity or threat?

Here at Kickdynamic, we recently analysed a sample of 100 million email opens across multiple customers, business sectors and geographies. The...

7 Ways To Optimise Your Email For Mobile

Below we discuss 7 steps to optimise your email for mobile devices. BUT, before I take you through the 7 things you can do to improve mobile device...

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