Live Product Automation – live inventory

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve received an email, loved a product that’s featured, clicked through and the product is out-of-stock....

Customer experience friction - from the Kickdynamic team

My latest blog series has been focused on ecommerce and customer experiences online. Retailers know that to keep customers happy and coming back...

Eliminating friction in retail

Over the last few years many everyday tasks have become ‘frictionless’ or as close to it as possible. Consumers expect instant, easy experiences...

Ecommerce – what’s the latest?

You can’t go far without seeing or hearing about the impact Covid-19 has had on the retail industry. More specifically, it’s pushed ecommerce...

Our top takeaways from Emarsys Evolution

There was standing room only at this year's Emarsys Evolution! It was a jam-packed afternoon of content followed by a rooftop BBQ to see us into...

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