Top 4 Revenue Generating Auto E-commerce Programs

Automating email programs throughout a customer’s lifecycle can be a very powerful way to generate revenue. Sending email at the correct time of a customer’s email lifecycle means the email is very timely and relevant to them. Therefore customers are more likely to engage and purchase.

Although the number of recipients in this type of campaign are smaller, by automating them you can turn them into an on-going revenue-generating machine with only little maintenance required.


Here are the top 4 revenue generating programs to boost revenue from email:


Welcome Program

A welcome program involves sending a series of emails to a new subscriber until that have made a purchase. When a potential customer subscribers, they are interested in your brand (they have provided their email address) and therefore are more likely to engage and convert.

Therefore you must email them in a timely and relevant way! I recommend a series of three emails that are specifically designed to drive a purchase.


Here is a suggested series:

1. Immediate welcome email that is personable and fully branded, promoting the benefits of receiving email from your brand and also why to shop on your website.

2. Second welcome email two days later (if they haven't purchased), re-enforcing the reasons why they should shop. Include customer testimonials and social reinforcement and try to utilize previous behaviour to tailor the content to your individual customer’s previous actions. More on detail in the Upgrade Welcome Program post.

3. Final welcome email with the offer. This is where I would include an offer (free shipping for example) to encourage the purchase.

Notes: I would not send other marketing email to customers going through a welcome program and remember to exclude those that do make the purchase.


Cart Abandonment

A cart abandonment campaign is perfect for e-commerce email strategy. This email is normally sent 1-3 days after someone has abandoned his or her shopping basket.


The email should contain images and a description of the items left in the cart and should be very customer service friendly. Include an offer? Not always. Some of our customers have had great success not including the offer – why give it away if it is not needed.


I recommend sending this email to recipients only once a month. This will prevent serial-abandoners (those that leave items in the cart just to get an offer) from abusing the email. Also, some people do use the cart as a reminder of what they want to purchase.


Review Solicitation
Review solicitation is a program post-purchase that offers a great way to grow website reviews and also stay top of mind with your customers.


It is a transactional message encouraging customers to write a review of the product(s) they have purchased. It is normally sent 2-4 weeks after a purchase (depending on delivery times) and is a great way to get user-generated content on your website.


"But this is not directly promoting or selling", I hear you say. Correct it is not but these emails always generated purchases. Why?


Because it is less ‘selly’; as a your customers are less likely to delete it and therefore it stays in the inbox.


It is more personable and an opportunity to show off your brand.



I love birthday emails. They are a quick and easy way to reward your customers and drive revenue!

Very easy to setup and highly effective; all you need is the day and month of your customer’s birthday to automate the email.


As well as generating a high engagement rate, this email program also boost loyalty with your customers.


What have I missed?

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