Tag of the week - Live Instagram at London Fashion Week

As the glitz and glamour unfolds at London Fashion Week 2016, Net-a-Porter strategically used a live Instagram Tags to provide their subscribers a VIP view of all the latest styles and news direct to their inbox.


By implementing the Kickdynamic Instagram Tag into emails, Net-a-porter subscribers get immediate access to up-to-date Fashion Week Instagram content at the point of open. The Tag continues to pull in content as it’s updated, ensuring that Net-a-porter’s content remains fresh and current.

Using an Instagram Tag not only adds an impressive visual element to outgoing email, but also encourages engagement from subscribers.


Engagement goes beyond interactions at an email level, the Tag also encourages new followers as subscribers can click through to any Instagram account, interact with content and follow the brand for future updates.

Using this type of Tag doesn’t need to stop at campaign level emails - add real-time updateable content to your welcome programme, transactional or sales recovery emails and save yourself the time and resources you’d usually spend pausing and updating your lifecycle campaigns.


Here is the Tag:







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