Top Tips for a stress-free Christmas!

The ho-ho-holidays are almost here. Christmas trees are popping up left, right and centre, the invites are rolling in and we’ve cracked open a good few packs of mince pies already. Did you know that 54% of employees feel stressed leading up to the holiday period? The increased workload tops the causes of stress for the period.


How can you enjoy a stress-free Christmas period, have time to drink all the mulled wine but still hit those all-important figures? Here are my top 8 tips for email marketers preparing for Christmas:


1) Get inspired

First things first, we need some fun ideas. You snow the drill, all the resources are there for you to browse online, but my favourites have got to be and Pinterest email boards. Or, check out any email enhancement tool (e.g. live content/personalization tech) that tend to publish blogs and Best Emails of 2019 reports around this time.


2) The earlier, the better

Got a lengthy approval process or team members off enjoying their holidays / recovering from the Black Friday stress? Plan ahead and prep as much content as possible early. Aim to work ahead of time and get emails signed off before you need to send them.


As dreamy as this sounds, having creative more than a day or two in advance is often not the norm. So what can we prep instead?


3) In stock and top-selling


Yule be sorry to not have live products in your email as those who can enjoy that glass of sherry (or two) in peace while your products automatically change based on merchandising rules you’ve set. Out of stock = out of mind. 

This enables you to use sections again and again as your bestselling products rank higher and lower. 


4) Rebel without a Claus


I know it’s heinous to even suggest it, but plan in some non-sale emails over the Christmas period. Make sure to wish your loyal and most faithful subscribers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. It’s all about that personal touch. 


5) Last day free delivery


Use countdown timers to tick your merry way to the last delivery dates which then switch out to alternate Christmas messaging. Already done all your Xmas shopping? You’re sleigh-ing it. But additional Christmas revenue can be gained from those that are not quite as prepared...


6) Device-optimise


A recent report from Litmus stated that industry-wide 42% of emails are being opened on mobile. That’s on average 42% of your subscribers that aren’t having the best experience if we’re not pushing the best mobile-first emails to them. 


I’m not just talking dimensions or auto-heights / collapsing and the rest of the HTML jazz. Get truly mobile-savvy and ensure your products, CTAs and the rest of the creative is singing mobile-friendly copy and creative so your customers are tapping away. 


7) Trigger programs


Optimise the most highly-converting emails. Shoppers are going to bounce from website to website looking for the perfect gift or the most appetising offer. They will sign up to your welcome email and they will look for that enticement. 

And there you have it - my top tips for your stress-free Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful festive season and here's to a successful 2020! 

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