How to use email for up-to-date store information

With lockdown restrictions easing and shops slowly starting to open their doors, we’ve compiled a few useful ways to keep your email content up to date with the latest information. Using timed imagery, geo-fencing and live email content you can ensure that your subscribers get the latest, accurate information regarding your stores at every open.

Timed images

Adding a live image banner into your emails means that you can update a section of the email with the latest information whenever you need. This is a super useful option to have. At a time where it’s imperative for customers have the latest information – this makes it easy to do that. If your situation changes, is faster or slower than expected, you can update your email every step of the way. At every open, the latest image you’ve set will display, and you can link through to different places too.


If you want to keep customers in the loop with the latest info, but you’re aware it could change, this is what you need to be doing. Add to all emails across the board for a consistent experience.

Geo-targeted content

From following the news and reading about the strategy’s brands are discussing when it comes to easing lockdown, it looks like there will be a structured approach with key stores opening first, with smaller stores following suit over the weeks. This could be well-managed in email using geo-targeting, particularly if the stores opening are in specific areas.


If you have a flagship store in Oxford Street that is opening tomorrow, but your smaller London stores aren’t opening for a week, you might want to use a geo-targeted banner to display that message to anybody opening in a specific radius of the store. If they open in a radius where there isn’t a store opening imminently, you could display a generic message encouraging the opener to check your website for information about their closest store.

Nearest Store

Once all your stores are open, definitely make use of nearest store functionality to drive footfall. On open, detect location and display a city map with the nearest stores. On click, provide specific directions to the exact closest store.

Store preference data

If you have data about a customer’s preferred store, now’s a good time to use it. Use any store information you have, for example the last store shopped at, store closest to address, store click and collected at or self-selected store preference and provide a personalized store update. This can easily be achieved with content automation. Create a file with the store identifier and a column with the store information you wish to share. Host the file and add it into Kickdynamic. Build a beautiful image and send your email, merging in the store ID to the tag. Each recipient will receive an email with the latest info about their preferred store. If the info about a specific store changes, just update the file and the changes will automatically pull through to the email.


These ideas are a great starting point for keeping those opening your emails up-to-date with the latest information. All can be used individually or in conjunction to provide a useful inbox experience.

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