Proven Ways To Use Social Media For List Growth

Getting quality email subscribers to signup to your newsletter can be a challenge. A quality subscriber is one that is interested in your email content and is therefore constantly opening, clicking, replying and forwarding. Successful list growth is achieved by doing lots of small things consistently very well. Using social media is a key element of your list growth strategy.


Try some of our proven ways to use social media to grow your email marketing list:


Email Signup on Facebook page

A simple but effective way to boost newsletter subscription from social media is to allow people to subscribe via your Facebook fan page. This can be done via apps in your Facebook account area. Must ESPs will have a Facebook tool that will allow you to build a subscription form and easily add it as an app. Therefore when someone subscribes on Facebook they are automatically added to your email list.


Tip: Track and record that subscribers have signed up via Facebook. This can then be then used for personalisation and targeting in the future.


Promote newsletter subscription on Twitter and Google+

Letting your community, who may not be signed up to email, know they can subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to grow your list. Don't be afraid to tweet or post on Google+ that you have a growing and popular newsletter that they can easily subscribe to.

Be careful not to be too promotional or pushy. If other subscribers are vocal about a recent newsletter then share that with the rest of your followers.


Tease email content

Teasing your email content on social networks can be a very effective way to boost subscribers. Mention a teaser of your email content and follow with a link to subscribe to get the rest of the content via the newsletter. For example:

"Tip: Free in subject line will not affect inbox delivery. Get more tips by subscribing to our newsletter"


"Get exclusive content via email only. Signup here."


Mention Email subscription via LinkedIn

Don't forget LinkedIn. It can give your newsletter subscriptions a nice kick. There are two main ways to use LinkedIn for list growth:

  1. Mention the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter as a personal update on your LinkedIn page. When you have 500+ followers this is a great way to drive signups. Again, don't be too pushy here and mix this type of message in with normal comments.
  2. Highlight subscription on the company LinkedIn page. This can be managed the same way as point 3 with content teasers and email only exclusives. Highlight as a comment on the company updates or as a product. I recommend incentivising the email signup with a free whitepaper or guide.

Build specific landing page for Social

When highlighting email signup on social networks, don't waste all your hard work by sending potential subscribers to a sign-up box at the bottom of your website; instead, send them to a specific email subscription landing page.

The landing page is build specifically for this type of traffic and is optimised to encourage people to signup and should contain the following:

  • Large Email Address box
  • Clear call-to-action
  • No barriers to subscribe. Just First Name and Email Address are required
  • Incentive language setting clear expectations on what to expect when subscribing
  • Positive social proof. Number of subscribers to tweets recommending your newsletter
  • Data protection language. "We will never sell your email address" for example

Tweet when newsletter has been sent

When you have sent your email newsletter mention it on Twitter to let your followers know that it has been sent and to check their inboxes. This will help email engagement (opens and clicks) and newsletter signups as it is a non-pushy way to remind your community you have a email newsletter.

Chris Penn blogs about this in more detail in his post: How to increase your open rate by 30%.


Consider Social login

Something to consider is to allow customers to create an account or login via their social networks. Social signup allows customers to sign up to a website’s account or community via a social media channel.


The most popular being Facebook Connect. There are some clear benefits to using social signup of which I highlight in this post: Newsletter Signup vs Social signup and recap below:

  • Email Address Collection
  • Social Shopping ‘Proof’
  • Photo Integration
  • Spam Reduction
  • Engagement

Successful list growth involves doing lots of small things correctly to deliver big results. Implement the above and you will see a great uptick in email subscribers.


What other ideas have worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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