The perfect pre-travel email

With customers looking to jet away to escape the January blues, the peak period for travel marketers is well underway.


In my latest video, I have mocked up what I consider to be a perfect pre-travel email. This is a key email campaign for travel marketers once a customer has booked with you, before they travel.


In a perfect pre-travel email, I believe the following elements should be featured; live loyalty and membership status, live activities, top restaurant recommendations, live car hire in the destination of travel and a real-time weather forecast from the date of arrival. This email offers a great opportunity to increase your email revenue by featuring live ancillary services, updating at every open. 


Perfect pre-travel email


If you'd prefer to read on, I'll cover each one in more detail.


Live loyalty and membership status 


Show your customers their membership status within your loyalty programme and what they need to do to reach the next level. You could show the number of points they have collected and how much more they need to spend, or how many more trips they need to book with you, to unlock more rewards. This will utilise the CRM data you have while providing a tailored experience to your loyal customers.


Live activities


Show your customers what they could be missing out on by displaying different activities that are happening in their travel destination at the time of travel and give the ability to click through to book from the email. This is done by connecting an API and merging a destination location into a tag. The API is called at the time the email is opened and will return local activities with live pricing and their ratings from other customers. 


Live restaurant recommendations


Arguably the most important part of a holiday - the food! Show top-rated restaurants in a customer's destination, or near to where they're staying if you have their hotel details and give the option to click through to reserve a table. The recommendations can be live, based on a restaurant's availability. Similar to live activities, connect an API to the image template, merging in the destination location to return local restaurants and their reviews.


Live car hire


Help your customers save time by showing what cars are available to hire at a customer's destination during their dates of travel. Take this further and include the cost in real-time. The price of car hire totally depends on the location you're travelling to and the time of year, so by showing a relevant and live price that is available to book at any time, will provide a positive and consistent experience between channels. You're able to display the lowest price car hire in the destination personalized to; pick up location, date and time, duration of stay and the driver's age, based on the information given at the time of booking their trip. 


Live weather forecast


For additional relevant content and to let your customers know what to pack, display a live weather forecast for the destination and during the known dates of travel. Connect to a weather API and the forecast will update live at the time of open. 


You may have spotted a theme with these suggestions...all of the elements that make up the perfect pre-travel email are live. By featuring content that updates in real-time at the time of every open, you will be providing the best customer experience possible, encouraging loyalty to your brand when they come to book their next trip!


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