The best rebrands & marketing creativity from the last few weeks

Over the last few weeks there have been some awesome ideas and rebrands from marketers.

Celebrating the acts of kindness in the fight against Covid-19

While getting used to my new routine in this uncertain time, I decided to limit the time I spend looking at the news each day. Instead, I am...

Ways to keep email content up-to-date during the Covid-19 period

To say the last few weeks have been strange would be an understatement. For most of us, the working world as we know it has been turned upside...

Overall considerations (& adjustments you may want to make) during Covid-19

Email is one of the most important channels to communicate with customers at this time. Delivering your latest messages directly to their inbox is...

The best dark mode resources

Like many people, I’ve fallen for dark mode. I didn’t think I would like it. I thought I’d try it out on my phone for a couple of days as a work...

Launching our new Friday Faves

In our mission to celebrate great email, every week someone in the Kickdynamic team is going to record a short video to talk through their...

The Thoughtful Marketing Movement

A lot of brands claim they ‘put the customer first’ however when it comes down to it, do you really put your customer first?

Best bets for live sportbook and casino emails

If you walk down a high street, attend a sports event or watch sport on TV, you’ll see betting shops or adverts advertising the opportunity to...

Here’s what we learnt from the last dotlive

On Wednesday myself and Lucy Self were invited to share the #dotlive spotlight with the wonderful team over at dotdigital. With standing room...

Up-selling strategies to take your email to the next level

Up-selling. The art of customers spending more money with’s the goal, right?

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