Top 10 Email Marketing Metric Basics

Good email marketing can get you quick, easy and repeatable qualified traffic to your website. With email marketing, regardless of your experience,...

Add Testing To Your Email Marketing Strategy

You probably know you should be doing some level of testing as a part of your Email Marketing Strategy. Running a test and learning from the results...

7 Ways To Optimise Your Email For Mobile

Below we discuss 7 steps to optimise your email for mobile devices. BUT, before I take you through the 7 things you can do to improve mobile device...

News: The Location Targeter is now Live

We are excited to announce that Location Targeter, the newest product to make your email dynamic, is now live and ready to use. 

Email Is Alive And Kind-Of-Kicking we promise

We all now agree that email is not dead. However are you getting all you can from your email marketing? At Kickdynamic we love email and we are...

Kickdynamic is Live; we're excited and rearing to go!

Hello and welcome, it is great to have you here. We have been working hard over the last 12 months to build Kickdynamic and are very, very excited to...

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