April Fool's Day Gamification from ASDA

One of my favourite campaigns from my time at Kickdynamic has to be this April Fool's email from ASDA. It was clever, funny and creative....

Why you should include social signals in the inbox (+ examples)

Social proofing is an effective tactic for marketers to employ to build confidence, trust and lust for products and services. In the broadest...

Let’s talk countdown timers - the wheres, whats & hows!

We all know what timers are and why they are used. They are a quick, effective way to boost engagement – whether that’s sales or sign ups....

What results can Beauty and Cosmetics retailers expect from live content?

Having worked closely with some if the biggest beauty and cosmetics brands, I’ve seen first-hand how implementing live email content strategies...

The best live emails of 2020

At the beginning of every year we look back at the emails our customers sent in the previous 12 months and create a collection of the best emails....

We predict predictions - part 2: What to look for in AI-powered prediction tools

In my last blog I put forward my prediction for 2021; it’s going to the year that AI-powered Prediction Technologies take off in a big way.

We predict predictions - part 1: What’s in store for email in 2021?

2021 is going to be the year of the recommendation. Specifically, the adoption and maximization of AI-Powered Prediction technologies.

How to make products in email look (and perform) better

A row of 3 or 4 products is a common sight in an email. Perhaps they’re new in, bestsellers or a selection of products the merchandising team have...

Types of Product Recommendations and where to use them

Everyday hundreds, thousands, or perhaps millions of activities take place on your website and in email. Each user that lands on your site has a...

5 Fun Live Content Strategies for Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner. I’ve bought my Christmas tree, I've got the decorations out and I *might* be listening to Christmas playlists...

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