We predict predictions - part 1: What’s in store for email in 2021?

2021 is going to be the year of the recommendation. Specifically, the adoption and maximization of AI-Powered Prediction technologies.

How to make products in email look (and perform) better

A row of 3 or 4 products is a common sight in an email. Perhaps they’re new in, bestsellers or a selection of products the merchandising team have...

Types of Product Recommendations and where to use them

Everyday hundreds, thousands, or perhaps millions of activities take place on your website and in email. Each user that lands on your site has a...

5 Fun Live Content Strategies for Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner. I’ve bought my Christmas tree, I've got the decorations out and I *might* be listening to Christmas playlists...

Our Black Friday Predictions for 2020

Covid-19 has certainly changed the retail landscape this year with many brands pushing digital transformation forward more than they thought...

Advice for a successful holiday season (from email experts for email experts)

The busiest time of the year is almost upon us. We’re coming up fast on the holiday season after what’s been quite the year. Thanksgiving, Black...

5. Recommender Systems - Understanding​ Implicit Feedback

Recommender systems rely on two different types of feedback (input). The most convenient is the high quality explicit feedback, that consists of...

4. Collaborative-Filtering Recommender Systems

In my previous article of this recommender systems series, we took a look at the content-based approach to building recommender systems. In this...

3. Content-based Recommender Systems

Let's continue our introduction to recommender systems by digging a bit deeper into content-based recommender systems. 

2. An introduction to Recommender Systems - Basic Models

Having introduced the goals of recommender systems in my previous article, let's carry on talking about the basic models used to develop...

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