Be Relevant At The Time Of Open With Live Content

It is our goal at Kickdynamic to innovate email marketing, allowing our customers to easily send messages that are timely, relevant and valuable every time. Your customers are always on the move and your email content should reflect this. Kickdynamic enables live email content that updates per recipient based on what they are doing at the time they open your email.

Live email content based on your recipient’s environment, behaviour and device when they open email.


This includes the following:

Location: Content that updates based on the location of the recipient at the time of open. For example:

Which country they are in at the time of open: Display different images in different locations.

Directions, via a map, to the nearest store based on their location at the time of open. Your customer may have registered in the Manchester store, but is in London when opening your email; Live content enables you to direct them to the nearest London store.


Mobile: Be device aware

Display different content depending on what device, tablet or environment recipients open your email. If they open your email on an iPhone, Live Content will display a link to your app in the app store.


Timing: Not everyone opens email at the same time

Change content based on the time the recipient opens your email

Show a timer or clock in your email illustrating a real-time countdown to the end of the sale in order to drive urgency.

Display different images every day until the end of the campaign.

Change content based on previous behaviour and rules. If recipient opens email for more than 3 seconds first time around, display different content if they open the email again.


Testing optimization: A new way to test

Test multiple images in one email with every campaign to optimise your images. No need for multiple complicated split testing.

This is the new way to send relevant email messages. Using Kickdynamic testing optimization is managed with only the need for one TAG. No complicated rule-based dynamic content or sending multiple email messages.

The Kickdynamic Team knows email is a great way to engage with customers and drive revenue but is sometimes stale, boring an can be annoying - when done incorrectly. Allow Kickdynamic to make your email inspiring. Find out more.

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