Kickdynamic is Live; we're excited and rearing to go!

Hello and welcome, it is great to have you here. We have been working hard over the last 12 months to build Kickdynamic and are very, very excited to announce that we are now live!


So what is Kickdynamic? You will use Kickdynamic to optimize your email marketing, to increase opens and clicks and to drive more revenue from email.


We want to bring email alive and make it cool again...


How and why?

Kickdynamic is a product we have always wanted. We are technologists and marketers who have worked in the email marketing space for 10 years. We always felt there wasn't enough innovation in email marketing. We and our clients strategized a lot about what you should be doing to improve and optimize email marketing - but very few of us are actually doing it. Why? Because there really aren't the products available to do it.

In addition, Email is evolving. Email should now be more dynamic and engaging. Email is not dead and is as important, if not more important, than ever. As email marketers we need to do more to stand out in the inbox.

And we are working feverishly to achieve this.


We aim to provide you with products that you can easily use to take your email marketing to the next level. You will get email reports you have never hard, easy A/B testing and be able to bring your email to life with dynamic live streaming. All by adding a snippet to your existing email templates.


What products can you use now?

We have two core products that are available today (we are alpha testing others as you read this):


Advanced Email Analytics.

Advanced Email Analytics offers you in depth email reports you have never had before. It enables you to see:

  • How long your email was actually read
  • Which email client and mobile device is most popular with your readers
  • where in the world your readers are with our Geographic heat map

You are then able to download the Member level data for re-targeting.

This is all done by simply adding a 'tag' to your email marketing template. Then we do the rest. Find our more.


Image optimizer

Have you ever wanted to easily test two images in your emails to see which generates the most clicks? Image Optimizer will automatically split test the images you want to test and in real time report which image is generating the most clicks. That image will then be displayed to all receipts of the email - dramatically improving your click-through rate. Using Image Optimizer we are seeing a 30% increase in click-through rates - case study to follow.

Simply upload the images you want to test to Image Optimizer and let us do the rest. Find out more.


Do you have a burning product idea, or something you really need? We want to help us email marketers so please share it here

We will be releasing new products frequently over the coming months so stay tuned via email here, or follow us on Facebook, or connect on Twitter.


So who are we?

We are a passionate, hard working team of 3 who love email. We have worked for Agencies, ESPs and on the client side of things for the last 10 years or so. We have built and consulted on email strategy and services as well as building integrations and email based tools.


Thanks for being here, and thanks for your time.

- Kickdynamic Team


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