Feature Friday from the Kickdynamic team

In a pledge to help brands send better email and to keep our customers inspired we've started 'Feature Friday'. 


Every Friday a member of the Kickdynamic team will record a quick video to shoutout a live email they loved from the last week. With customers doing so much in their email we're lucky to be spoilt for choice. We aim to pick emails that really caught our attention, that resonated and that were executed brilliantly. We know the back story to the emails with our tech in so we'll be sharing that too - the whys, hows and the objectives. 


We hope that you'll find these two minute snapshots useful and that they might even inspire you to try something similar. Where can you see these videos I hear you ask? 


Well, you can check out our Video page or like & subscribe to our Youtube channel if you'd like to be one of the first to see the videos every Friday.  Or you can see a couple of my favourite examples right here in this very blog👇


1. Feature Friday: Blue Sea Holidays & Icon Pass

In the latest video, I talk you through the excellent emails these two travel brands have sent. Having had to completely change their messaging and content during Covid-19, I was impressed with the creativity and content both of these brands have shown to keep their subscribers opening emails and engaged. 



2. Feature Friday: click counters

In this Feature Friday, Katie talks you through timed deals and click counters - a great way to add live social proofing in the inbox.



3. Feature Friday: Bulk  Powders

Join Jess as she takes you through this live poll masterpiece from Bulk Powders. The London Marathon may have been cancelled, but there was no stopping this email. 



4. Feature Friday: New Look

Listen along as Eugénia showcases this wonderful live new in email that  New Look sent. Live products with badges showing whether a product is selling fast or best-selling. A great example of a fashion email done right!



If you like what you've seen here, there's lots more examples over on our Feature Friday playlist on our Youtube channel. Please subscribe to our channel, like our videos and leave us questions or comments to let us know what you think or if there's any examples you'd like to see more of. 


Stay tuned for more Feature Friday, every Friday!





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