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We all now agree that email is not dead. However are you getting all you can from your email marketing? At Kickdynamic we love email and we are feverishly working away to build products to optimize your email. Yes email is not dead but it is not necessarily alive and kicking. We are trying very hard to help you improve your email marketing so yo can become a true email ninja.

So what can you do to today to optimize your email marketing? Try the following.....

Break the best practices


Best practices have been best practices for a long time. No email marketing program is a like and the best practices that work for one doesn't necessarily work for another. Therefore try breaking some best practices to see what works.


No, you shouldn't break best practices that are detrimental to results or break CAN-SPAM.


Try breaking the following 4 best practices:


1. Images vs HTML

It is best practice to have a good balance of HTML and Images so your email is optimized for the preview pane, and therefore not just one big image.

Why? The majority of email clients do NOT download images by default. So if you have one image only, you can't see what the email is about until images are downloaded.


Why break it?

Images can be striking and drive the call to action and are therefore very important. Also, people are used to downloading images in their email clients. Finally the iPhone email client automatically downloads images.

So try testing one big image vs a good balance of HTML to images and see what happens.


2. Don't email subscribers more than once a week.

Send no more than one (or two) emails per week has been a long standing best practice. Why? the theory that the more email you send to someone the more likely they are to ignore it and/or unsubscribe and complain.


Why break it?

If you have something new to say that is relevant and timely then get the message out. It shouldn't be a concern when they received their last email. If you have relevant content then send it.


3. Always send HTML emails. 

As discussed in point 1 the best practice is to have a good balance of HTML and Images in your email creative.


Why break it?

Lets break this but in the other direction and think about sending a text only email to your recipients. A text only email can be more personable and can be more suitable to how some of your customers like to read email. Naturally the email creative will have more copy that usual, so you will need something to say. Worth testing to see the response.


4. No symbols, CAPS or 'spammy' words in the subject line

This is another, what I like to call, old school best practice. It is not to have any symbols or words in the subject line that could cause deliverability issues or annoy your recipients.


Why break it?

Using what has been traditionally thought of as 'spammy' works in the subject line is fine. It is no longer a deliverability issue. Words such as FREE / Offer etc.

Making certain words in the subject line caps or including symbols is worth testing to see if you get any improvements. Your email has to stand out in the inbox - especially as we all send more email. Do a quick scan of your inbox and see what stands out.......

Want more on breaking best practice? Check out the The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win 

Segment and segment more

Segmentation is a very simple and effective way to boost your email marketing efforts. However it is sometimes very under utilized. Why? From our experience it is because we get too complicated too early and never actually get round implementing any segmentation.

Start small:

  • Segment on basic demographic data. Gender, location, and?
  • Segment on engagement. Have a different content strategy and cadence with subscribers who have not opened or clicked in 30 days compared to those who have opened or clicked
  • Segment based on where your email is being read (product link)

Then get more advanced:

  • Segment with preference data collected in the profile center (link)
  • Use Web Analytics browsed behavior for segmentation

Then take it too the next level

  • Use preference and web analytics browsed data to put segmentation in all emails by using dynamic content
  • Use RFM to for segments.

Even starting small will give your email programs a lift.

Be mobile

Email is being read on a mobile device more and more. So you must be optimizing for mobile devices. With Kickdynamic you can find out what device your emails are being read What can you do?

  1. Include a link to a mobile version. Quick and easy to setup but not necessarily as effective.
  2. Optimize for the preview pane optimizes for mobile devices
  3. Use Adaptive email design
  4. Send a mobile version to all

How are you boosting your email marketing?

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