Buzz Bingo to enhance their email marketing with updates in real-time

Britain’s biggest omni-channel Bingo operator is using the latest developments in marketing technology to help drive customer engagement and give their community the most engaging, personalized experience possible.


Buzz Bingo, which in addition to its online presence boasts 119 Bingo clubs around the country, is partnering with marketing specialists Kickdynamic to ensure each of its community of one million people gets the most relevant, compelling and up to date email content possible.


Founded in 2012, Kickdynamic is a pioneer in email marketing, helping marketers deliver highly personalised email campaigns, at scale. They are trusted by over 200 of the world’s leading brands, including household names like ASOS, Travel Republic, and New Look.


Their use of open time technology means email content is updated in real-time, so customers receive personalized information that is most relevant to them at the point of opening the email. By unlocking the power of automation for their clients, Kickdynamic also dramatically reduce email build time, giving marketers their job back, meaning they have more time to develop the best campaigns possible.


Matt Hayes, CEO and co-founder of Kickdynamic, said: “Everyone at Kickdynamic is looking forward to working with Buzz Bingo. Our combination of automation, personalization and relevancy will ensure Buzz Bingo’s customers will see the content that matters most to them, whenever they open their email.”


Buzz Bingo CRM manager, Jeff Mitchell, said: “Nobody wants to see content that isn’t relevant to them. By partnering with Kickdynamic, Buzz Bingo are working to ensure each and every individual in our exceptional community has the best possible experience, receiving emails with up-to-date, personalized and relevant content.”

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