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Black Friday will be here before we know it so the time has come to plan your campaigns to make this year your best yet.


Your chosen email strategies are key to your success. Research by Smart Insights found that in 2017, email as a channel alone made up 23% of sales attribution.


With that in mind, CEO Matt Hayes and I delivered a webinar with eleven of our ultimate Black Friday email ideas to drive engagement and generate revenue. You can view the full webinar here.


Or, if you'd prefer, here are our top three highlights...


Idea one: Live polling



Ask recipients to vote on the products or categories they would like to see on offer during the Black Friday period to generate excitement and encourage engagement. 


Use the click data you collect to personalize content and deals in future emails.


Idea two: Deal Reveal



In the lead up to your Black Friday deals going live, display a product section in the email with the deals ‘locked’ or blurred out.


Mirror the deals going live on your site in your email. Use the rule builder to ‘unlock’ products as soon as they become available on your site.


Idea three: Different offers throughout the day



If your offers change multiple times throughout the day, make sure your emails always reflect the latest deal. Create rules for redemption codes to automatically update, or ‘go live’ at exactly the right moment.


Feature a countdown timer to drive urgency for recipients to redeem the offer while they can! 


All of these ideas feature live content, updating at the time of every open. By connecting your product feed or API, the deals shown in your emails will always be available to click through and purchase. The deals will match those on your website as you're using the same feed. 


If you'd like the Kickdynamic team to review your campaign strategy, discuss your ideas and offer some recommendations, please get in touch


For the full Black Friday ideas whitepaper, download it here


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