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Welcome programmes are normally the first email marketing touchpoint you will have with a customer. Welcome emails are a big opportunity. Each individual subscriber has shown interest in your brand and they want to know more. They've agreed to let you regularly contact them to see what you can offer them. The welcome email (or emails) builds the foundation for what's to come.


A common conversation we have with customers is how to elevate their welcome journey and how they can personalize content in those early days. You’re just getting to know each other, and most of the time, unless they’ve purchased prior to signing up, you don’t have much data on the customer, if any at all.


How can you be relevant when they’re new and unknown?

Let’s look at what data you have.


Do you know where they signed up on the website? Did they make a purchase/booking or sign up in the footer or a pop-up? If it was at checkout, a generic one-size-fits-all welcome email with an offer is not relevant and can cause friction for those customers who didn’t get the x% discount on the purchase they just made. 


Have they been on your newsletter base before? Or purchased previously? Treat them like a long-lost friend who’s reappeared in your life. 


If this data isn’t accessible, there’s other ways to begin converting them into a fan of the brand.


The welcome series is perfect in allowing you to showcase your brand - what you stand for, what are your USPs and overall, what do your existing customers love about you?


Our dream wish list:

  • USE BASIC DATA - If you capture simple data such as first name, overlay your welcome heroes with personalisation such as first name data e.g. Welcome Jack. My name in lights? Excellent. 

  • ADD REVIEWS - display your current and up-to-date company rating, as well as an updating stream of individual company reviews. Allowing your customers to sell for you, without you lifting a finger. Confidence in the brand from day dot. 

  • INCLUDE SOCIAL FEEDS - make your social team happy and add social streams such as Instagram into your email, or even a curated UGC feed if you have it. This allows customers to engage across multi-channels and create more opportunities for exposure.

  • SHOWCASE PRODUCTS - Go beyond a postcard. Don’t be afraid to include products in the welcome email. Use your product feed to showcase the latest bestselling products and ensure your content is relevant, no matter the season. 

Following our wishlist, here's a few emails we've signed up for recently that we love:


#1 - iClothing

SL: WELCOME! Here's 10% off your next purchase 😘


What stood out? So much.

This is one of our favourite welcome emails. It’s simple and full of so much goodness. The striking colours to jump out of the inbox and my name front and centre in the hero really stands out. The live reviews are excellent and are the element that resonated the most with me. This is a collab between iClothing, & the team here at Kickdynamic to pull in the latest company feedback. 


From this email you can see that iClothing are proud of the relationship they have with their customers and aren’t afraid to shout out about it.

iClothing Welcome  Email with Personalized Image


#2 - Serena & Lily

SL: Welcome to our VIP list. (Here’s 15% off.)


What stood out? User Generated Content

We love the gorgeous imagery in this welcome email and love that their customer took the pictures! The #serenaandlily section of this emails features a live feed of customer images curated by the S&L team. It’s the best way to sell your brand and products in 2020, and by including a live feed of user generated content, it’s so easy to relate to their brand and products.


According to Offerpop, 85% of consumers find UGC more influential than brand-created content (article found here),  so if you've got it flaunt it!

Serena & Lily welcome email featuring User Generated Content & Kickdynamic



#3 - Bulk Powders 

SL: 👋 It all starts here...


What stood out? What didn't?

It wasn’t just one email that got our attention, it was their entire welcome series. Bulk Powders tailored their welcome programme specifically to us in one of the first emails received we were asked to select our health and wellbeing goal. From then on, each email we received was tailored to our interests including blog content specific to our goals. 

Bulk Powders Personalized email welcome program




A welcome email(s) is the first touchpoint a customer has with your brand. It really should contain useful, inspiring content and showcase your brand  at it's best. Start the relationship well from day one and you'll  reap the rewards of an engaged, loyal customer base later on. Make a statement, stand out, and the customer loyalty will begin from there. 



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