Relevancy: Believe the hype

While you read this article, your customers are likely to be  opening and engaging with your emails. The importance of understanding your customers, their history of engagement with your brand and their buying and browsing behaviour,  has never been more apparent today with businesses working in crowded, competitive markets.

If you can make your campaigns heavily personalized using the  behavioural data you hold on your customers, such as what pages an individual has visited, which content they’ve engaged with and what they’ve searched for, you will begin to see a dramatic upturn in conversion whether it be increased purchases, leads or overall traffic to your website.

Be relevant or become irrelevant.

I constantly say  to colleagues and peers within my channel. The more relevant you are to your existing customers, whilst showcasing and relating to prospects  through a well-structured UX experience on your landing pages, the easier it becomes to enhance your KPIs.

Time and time again I see poorly constructed, generic creatives within email campaigns which look great, but have no substance in terms of what’s relatable to me. Consumers now expect far more than a ‘batch and blast’ approach from brands.

If you don't have an ESP, or CRM expert(s) that can allow you to set up dynamic content within your campaigns, then you must  address this. Find platforms that can tailor to what you need (some ESPs are better for B2C than B2B and vice versa). If your team lacks the necessary skills to execute your objectives, look to hire people who can, or seek specialist consultants.

We all know the benefits to personalization - marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences (Monetate) and 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement (Econsultancy). We're all customers, sometimes even advocates to specific brands, as we enjoy their products and the experience they offer. Personally, if I received personalized emails tailored to what I've looked at, searched for or bought previously; I would be far more inclined to take action.

Here are some points to consider for your future campaigns:

  • Personalize beyond  basic information such as first names within your campaigns. Use information based on a recipient’s behaviour and past purchases.

  • Be relevant. Send your customers content that matches what they like; analyse and use your data.

  • Be dynamic. Utilise the platform you have; If  the platform can’t handle what you need, find one that does.

  • Test, test and test. Try different concepts, different call to actions, dynamic content and see what your customers respond to best.

  • Refine. You must be agile and reactive within CRM; having pre-built segments and historical behavioural data might be crucial to you executing your campaign.

Guest blog post by Phil Ireland, CRM Manager at Interactive Investor. Connect with him on LinkedIn:

Phil is experienced across various industries such as Energy, Financial, Trade & Retail Marketing Experience and Health sector. He is a freelance digital consultant specialising in CRM and email marketing.

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