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In my previous blog and video, I mentioned that at Kickdynamic we have three core areas to our business and platform:

  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Relevancy

I'm going to cover each of these in a blog and video to explain why they are essential for email marketers and why they're our focus. 


Let's start with Automation (here's the video if you'd prefer to listen over read!):


Video image for blog-1


Automation is vitally important in email marketing, whether it's a programme email, e.g. welcome programme or transactional, it's also automating the content that is in those emails. This is because creating content and building email drastically slows down successful email marketing. 


We find that a lot of brands (*too many brands) get stuck in their email build process. Here's a typical build process and what we call being stuck in the "email build loop":

  1. You create your email brief based on your strategy
  2. You manually source content from merchandising, web and social teams
  3. You send brief and content to design team
  4. You receive a psd of the email back from the design team
  5. The psd goes to the coding team who manually create the HTML
  6. That is added to your ESP and then tested.

You want to send but the offer changes or a product goes out of stock.


So you have to go back to step 2.


Being stuck in the loop can mean that sending an email takes weeks rather than days. We do not believe this should be the case. 


A few years ago. I was at an ESP and on the wall in the office they had the email sign-off procedure for their full service clients (warning graphic content):


Matt ESP


This is not okay. We do not believe this is how email should be built.


So how does Kickdynamic help?


If we go back to point 2 of the process:

  1. You manually source content from merchandising, web teams and social teams

We remove this stage and automate content sourcing by pulling in content via feeds directly into email, at the time of every open. So if your content changes, it is automatically reflected in the email. Doing this to 50% of your email content could drastically reduce your email build time from 7 days to just 2 hours with content automation and open time technology. 


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