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Henry's Euro 2020 Predictions!


It’s been a long, long, long wait but it’s finally here the 2020 Euro’s, in June 2021.


For a time it seemed as though Football Fans would be...

We predict predictions - part 2: What to look for in AI-powered prediction tools

In my last blog I put forward my prediction for 2021; it’s going to the year that AI-powered Prediction Technologies take off in a big way.

We predict predictions - part 1: What’s in store for email in 2021?

2021 is going to be the year of the recommendation. Specifically, the adoption and maximization of AI-Powered Prediction technologies.

The Rugby World Cup is here!

The much anticipated 2019 Rugby World Cup has arrived.

Some Like It Hot, but this might be too much... 🔥

Like the Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis in the famous movie, all across the country we're feeling the heat today. 

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