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8 Deliverability Factors You Must Know

Getting email delivered to the inbox requires doing a lot of things correctly. It is a fact of email marketing that you must follow certain...

New Engagement Metric Discussed By DMA Team

The UK DMA team has recently released a whitepaper discussing email engagement and also has defined a potentially better way to calculate engagement.

5 Simple Tricks To Increase Newsletter Signups

List growth can be a challenge. You need quality email addresses signed up to your list that are going to stay engaged with your brand. Successful...

In the spotlight: deliverability & the complaint rate.

A complaint is when someone hits the junk/spam button in his or her inbox. It is a very important metric to regularly monitor and can determine email...

Utilize Follow-Up Emails To Increase Engagement

Follow-up emails are a simple but effective way to boost response rates of your email marketing campaigns. A follow-up email is an email sent to a...

Our New Product Image Timer is now Live!

The Kickdynamic team is excited to announce that our new product, Image Timer is now live. So what is Image Timer I hear you ask?

A/B Split Testing - Is it really worth the hassle?

Do you regularly perform A/B split tests? An email marketing strategy plan is not complete without including A/B split testing. However, correctly...

Email Content Strategy - Where To Start

Starved of email content ideas? Sometimes it can be hard to consistently produce email newsletters with amazing content. Email newsletters should be...

Proven Ways To Use Social Media For List Growth

Getting quality email subscribers to signup to your newsletter can be a challenge. A quality subscriber is one that is interested in your email...

Checklist For Email Marketing Beginners

Are your or your company new to email marketing? You’ve read, heard and know that email is great way to drive website traffic, revenue and build...

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