An Outrageous Email

When an email lands in your work inbox with the from name you wonder what on earth is it and how it got there.


What would you think if you received this:



I instantly thought it was spam that had gone AWOL. We all know that emails of a, er, sexual nature usually end up in the spam folder. You know the ones I mean. The ones that you stumble upon when you're looking for an email that's gone missing. The ones that sit next to the email marketing that should have been better and the unwanted spammy business proposals. The emails you have a chuckle about. Here's a couple of examples:




Ever intrigued and always curious, I wanted to see what this email was all about. The moment I opened I knew that is was from the ever audacious, Shinesty. This has to be their boldest move yet. The opening content reads:


"Here at Shinesty, we aim to pleasure the customer, one product at a time. We've got something new that is guaranteed to tease and please you to the point of complete satisfaction."


And it goes on from there. Here it is in all it's glory:




An email loaded with innuendo, that defies at least some of the spam rules, got into my inbox and I opened it a fair few times. Shinesty are well-known for being close to the mark with their email content but due to that I'm guessing their engagement is sky high. Besides the crazy products and loud content, the calls to action Shinesty use are something else. They couldn't be further from 'Shop Now' if they tried! Personally, I actively lookout for Shinesty's emails as they're different to every other email I receive. This one certainly surprised me.


It's been a topic of discussion in the office too. Why? Because it's something bold, brave and different - in a place where content can be somewhat vanilla. I know almost every other brand in the world couldn't get away with being this daring, but there's a couple of lessons that we could all learn here:


  1. Don't be afraid to mix it up
  2. Don't be afraid to be brave and try something bold
  3. Surprise your consumers and give them email experiences to remember

If you know anybody from Shinesty or if you're from Shinesty and you see this, I'd love to know how this email performed and how it was received!


Over and out ✌️




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