7 Ways To Optimise Your Email For Mobile

Below we discuss 7 steps to optimise your email for mobile devices. BUT, before I take you through the 7 things you can do to improve mobile device rendering there are some other things to consider:


Think about the following 3 things:


1. What percentage of your customer base are actually reading email on a mobile device? If you don’t know then find out first using Email Analytics.


2. If your customers are reading the email on a mobile device, do you have a mobile version of your website? If not, then it will be a bad experience for a user to click-through on a mobile version and then go to a non-mobile optimized site.


3. The native iPhone email client downloads images by default. This is important to note when reporting engagement by device.

These are three very important factors to consider when defining a strategy for email mobile optimization


So what can you do to optimize for email?


1. View mobile version link
This is the simplest way to go about optimising your email for mobile. It is adding a 'view on a mobile device' link at the top of your email template. Recipients can then click on this link to see a mobile optimised version of your email message.

A good start.


2. More Copy, Bigger/Better call to action

Another approach is to update your email marketing template so it is optimized when viewed on a mobile device.

Make sure there is some copy near the top left. This will show your subscribers what the email is about before they need to scroll down or download images.


Make the call to action buttons larger and near the left. Large call to action buttons will make it easier for the reader to click-through on the email. Again keep it to the left so no right-swiping is needed.


3. Adaptive email

Adaptive design or intelligent CSS is using media strings to control what the email looks like on a mobile device without it affecting what it looks like on larger screens. The @media query can reduce the size of the email and also move images that are on the right in a column to underneath in a row.

Note that it doesn’t work with email creative that contains large images. However it is an interesting approach to take.


4. Mobile only version
You could think about taking it to the next level and send a mobile only version to all your subscribers. The email will still look great on other email clients and will be optimized for mobile. This is especially a good idea if you have a high percentage of people reading your email on mobile devices. Use Kickdynamic to find out what device your email is being read.


6. Send segmented email to mobile device readers

Think about targeting readers by what device they are reading your email on. Kickdynamic provides member-level reporting so you can report and download who reads your email on iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

You can then upload the email addresses to your ESP and target all your mobile readers specifically.


Also, it allows you to send iPhone only based promotions or promote your new Android app.


7. Ask what version you subscribers want to receive

No every subscriber is made equal. Some recipients will read email on mobile devices only, or just read email in gmail. So why not ask what version of email they want? You could ask whether they want a mobile version of the email or a full image based version during signup and in the profile centre.


Yes, it will mean you have to create two versions. But if you are only doing No1, then you are doing that anyway!


Tip - thinking about those that open on more than one device? Kickdynamic can show you that also...check it out.


What other things have you done to optimize your email for mobile?

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