5 Tricks To Increase Newsletter Subscribers

List growth can be a challenge. You need quality email addresses signed up to your list that are going to stay engaged with your brand. Successful list growth is doing a lot of small things correctly and utilising all points of contact in a non-promotional manner. If your followers like your brand and enjoy what you say or promote in other channels aside from email, then they will sign up to receive you newsletter.


List growth success can be dependent on site and company success. If your site currently has low or unqualified traffic, then list growth tends to be less successful. Therefore it is never too early to start list growth practices, so when your website traffic and customer base grow you are prepared to grow your list with it.


What can you do to grow your list in a quick but responsible way?


1. Remove barriers to signup

Don't put up barriers that stop someone from subscribing. All the data you need to send email newsletters is someone’s email address; therefore don't ask for lots of information at the initial signup. Email address is all that is required. Do not ask irrelevant questions at your newsletter signup as that will almost certainly stop someone from completing the form.


2. Use social media

Using social media is a great way to grow your email marketing list. Promoting email sign up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as making your email marketing messages social, will increase email signups.


3. Build a specific landing page

There will be times that you want to promote newsletter sign up via social media, email, or via word of mouth but not just directing someone to your website - an excellent way to make it easy is to direct someone to a specific landing page. The landing page is built with this in mind and should have the following:

  • Large email address box
  • Clear call-to-action
  • No barriers to subscribe: just first name and email address are required
  • Incentivised language sets clear expectations on what to expect when subscribing
  • Positive social proof: number of subscribers to tweets recommending your newsletter
  • Data protection language: “we will never sell your email address”, for example

4. Transactional email

Transactional messages allow you to encourage email sign up to customers that have not yet subscribed. You can include a subscribe call-out in any post-purchase email marketing message. The recipient is likely to be more engaged because they have made a purchase and therefore more likely to signup.


5. Incentivise sign up with great content

A great way to get a subscriber bump is to incentivise the newsletter signup. There are varying levels of incentives that you can implement:


Social proof: Show how many email addresses have already signed up, your Twitter follower count, or a quote from a happy subscriber.

Incentive language: Highlight what your recipients get for signing up for your newsletter. Set expectations and affirm that their email address is safe and they won't get spam.


Content: Give a free whitepaper or guide for subscribing. This is a great way to get good subscribers and build brand loyalty at the same time.

Free something: Offer a relevant incentive, such as an email-only discount or free shipping for signing up.


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