News: The Location Targeter is now Live

We are excited to announce that Location Targeter, the newest product to make your email dynamic, is now live and ready to use. 


Target content by country. Location Targeter will display content based on the actual location recipients open your email.


Using the world map you can select what content a recipient sees depending on the country they open in the email.


Use Case:
Dave wants to promote different featured hotels for UK customers and customers in Spain and also have a default promotion for the rest of the world. Using the World Map view he can select the country group, upload the image and define the landing pages for each specific country. In this case UK, Spain and for the rest of the world (default).


Recipients that open in UK will then see the UK hotel, Spain the Spanish hotel and everywhere else will see the default image promotion, therefore allowing target email marketing that will dramatically improve performance.

Pretty cool huh? (well we think so).


Location Targeter will also allow you to customize the landing page that each image is directed to when your recipients click on their country-targeted image.


Once you have created your countries, groups, selected the landing pages and chosen a default image we give you a HTML snippet that can then be used in your email message.


Now you are location-relevant and improving email marketing performance.

Location Targeter is available with Pro and Advanced Plans.


Get it now.


Thanks for the support.

- Kickdynamic Team

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