My Inbox Favourites

My first three weeks at Kickdynamic have been fantastic. I have lots to learn and I am already starting to work with my first customers - it’s...

EiQ Spotlight: Personalization at Scale

The second session of the day at the fantastic EiQ, was right up our street. The Personalization at Scale: When Content & Data Get Together...

Why we're excited for EiQ 2019

At Kickdynamic, we like your not-so-typical conferences. We like great content, inspirational speakers and entertainment all wrapped up in one....

Share the love: Great ways to make your customers feel special this Valentine’s Day

It seems people’s stance on Valentine’s day (V-Day) is a bit like Marmite, you either love or hate it (personally I’m a believer that you should...

The perfect pre-travel email

With customers looking to jet away to escape the January blues, the peak period for travel marketers is well underway.

Wonderful Welcomes

In a time that all you can hear about right now is Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, let’s take a moment to remember our good old friend...

Why we drastically changed a product that we and our customers initially loved - pioneering Content Automation for email.

 At Kickdynamic we automate personalized and relevant email content. We currently do this for over 150 brands including ASOS, Asda, New Look and...

My favourite Black Friday email idea

We have been fully focussed on Black Friday campaign ideas over the last few weeks and now is the time to get preparations sorted. 

My top 3 order confirmation emails

I was helping my better half with our online order for the monthly food shop last week and after spending hours making sure we ordered all things...

Why 2017/18 was a standout year for Kickdynamic

Hello everyone, Matt here. If I haven't met you yet, I'm CEO and Co-Founder of Kickdynamic.

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