Announcing our new feature: Live Progress Bars!

We are excited to announce a brand new feature in the Kickdynamic platform that allows our customers to automatically generate live progress bar images in email based on an individual customer's status or behaviour.


What is a live progress bar? It's an image showing the progress of something associated with your customer. We have made it really easy to setup and automate as part of our Content Automation template builder. 


If you are already sending email including progress bars, but it takes a lot of resource to build and is not live, or, if you've thinking of ways to include a progress bar in your email - this is the solution.


You can use the progress bar in business as usual, automated and loyalty campaigns.


Here are 3 applications of a progress bar:


1) Travel rewards

Progress bars are a great way to show a customer their loyalty points status live in email. 


If you are a hotel company, you can display loyalty card status and how many points a customer has collected, or has left to move to the next loyalty status. This encourages repeat bookings and hotel room upgrades. 


Here are examples of how it could look for AccorHotels, based on a customer's membership status. The images will update live, at the time of each open, as a customer's status changes.


Here's a Classic status customer who's goal it is to achieve a Silver status:

Accor classic.png


Here's a current Silver status customer approaching a Gold membership:



And here's a Gold customer with the aim to become a Platinum member:

Accor gold.png


2) Banking

Banking email campaigns are perfect for progress bars. Your banking email needs to contain useful and clear information about membership, limits and status.


You could show a customer how close they are to reaching the limit on their credit card in every email, mirroring exactly what is in the app. Here is an example we created for a credit card progess bar:


MBNA mockup-2.png


If your bank account offers rewards for direct debit use such as the Santander 1-2-3 account, you can use a progress bar to show the level of rewards redeemed compared to the maximum available.


3) Investments

When something changes quickly during the week, the live component of the progress bar ensures your customers are notified on the performance of their investments or of any market changes that can affect their portfolio. 


For example, if your customer has an open position in the FTSE 100, they would see a real-time update of that market. 


IG spread.png

If you'd like to discuss ideas on how you can use progress bars in your next email campaign, get in touch

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