P&O Content Automation - Automating Latest Blogs

This week we love P&O’s use of Content Automation to display the latest blog content for four main destinations.


P&O Ferries send three major campaigns each year. For their summer campaign they turned to content automation to show the latest blog posts for each destination at open time.


The aim of the summer campaign is to win the summer business by inspiring potential customers as to what their next holiday may look like. The campaign runs across all of P&O’s routes and is supported by press and national TV. You can see the advert here.


The concept of the email campaign is to inspire. To keep the message consistent, and in line with TV, press and advertising, P&O decided to add Open Time Content Automation into their email to display the latest blog articles for 4 major destinations. This content fit perfectly with the inspirational side of things and the open time element allowed them to display the latest content into their email at open time – meaning the email was up-to-date and relevant at every open. This is especially useful as they update their blog content regularly – at least twice a week.


Using Content Automation it was easy for P&O to create image templates to fit in their existing email template. Using open time content automation means that their customers see new content every time they open, or re-open their email. Content automation was the way forward for a couple of reasons: it was easy to filter the feed by category to make sure customers get a mix of content, if posts get tagged for more than one country it only takes a few minutes to amend the tag to display something different.


The results for this campaign have been impressive. In previous campaigns, blog content of this type has been low down the list of links clicked through; this new approach has seen the blog content blocks appear in the top 10 click-throughs for the campaign.

“We were thrilled the moment Kickdynamic explained the concept of Content Automation and took us through it the first time. It has given us incredible flexibility and is quickly becoming our go-to method of getting live content into our emails”


- Kim Verlinde, P&O

Here's some examples of the email in action:




Countries displayed in each Tag

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