Quick top tips for maximum email optimization

It goes without saying that every email marketer wants their emails to perform as best they can each and every send. Optimization is of utmost importance, whether that’s send time optimization, image optimization or CTA optimization. Here’s my top tips/ideas to consider to get the max possible from your email.


First up: Device specific CTAs

Almost every email these days is coded to be responsive, whether using media queries or adaptive design to stack the images, the email is optimized for the device screen it’s being viewed on. Whilst device optimization is a hot topic, it’s rare to see device specific CTAs in email. Typically, in a retail email, the CTA will be along the lines of ‘SHOP NOW’ with no CTA difference between mobile and desktop versions. However, we’re definitely seeing an increase in CTA optimization through the utilization of device targeted images, with clients starting to test ‘TAP TO SHOP’ CTAs for mobile opens. You may have spotted this great example from New Look recently – a subtle yet effective device targeting use case!



Next up: Image Optimization

An absolute dream for all email marketers out there. Forget split testing data or control groups, the image optimizer does all the hard work so you don’t have to. As one of the first tools in the Kickdynamic platform, image optimization often gets overlooked but it’s actually a really powerful and really useful gizmo to use. Automatically test different creative versions against each other live in the email. All you need to do is set an open quota (around 10-15% expected number of opens) and we’ll automatically test all the images until we hit the quota. The image with the highest engagement (CTR) will automatically be displayed. Using this tool is a great way to save on email build time whilst knowing that you’re as optimized as possible.


You can also use the image optimizer to test CTA options, think colours, messages, size etc. It would be interesting to apply the optimizer to a device targeted widget to see what the highest converting CTA was for each device.


Finally: Send time optimization

Now this isn’t something we help with – this is done through your ESP – but where we come in is to help with open time content for send time optimized email.


For example, one of our clients has a top deal module as a header banner in their email. There’s only a limited number of each product available as part of the deal so once it sells out, it is replaced with a new deal. This client knows that send time optimization delivers a significant uplift in engagement and revenue across all of their email programs, however in this scenario where the deal sells out, send time optimization just isn’t feasible. It’s highly likely that if they used send time optimization for the deal email, openers would receive an email, open it right away but the deal would no longer be available because the email product was hard coded when the client started the mailing, the email might actually be sent 5 hours later.


To fully utilize send time optimization and to maximise their email content shelf-life, the deal module not uses open time content automaton so it’s now live, powered by the same API that powers the deals on site. What this means that the top, available, best deal on the site will always be mirrored in the email – whenever the email is opened. The implementation of open time content here allows our client to run their send time optimization knowing that the product featured in the email is always available to click through and buy.

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