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In the Spotlight: Asda's Live Instagram Tag in email

If you’ve not seen Asda’s Instagram page recently, then you need to check it out. It’s seriously good. Fantastic photography and great engagement....

2015 was the personalisation warmup; 2016 is game time

There’s no excuse for not personalising email any more. In the past marketers have been held back by data – they haven’t got enough, it’s too...

Top Tip for Christmas Number 13: Transaction & Delivery

Transactional emails are crucial to online shoppers and have a seriously high open rate.

Top Tip for Christmas Number 12: Mobile Aware Content

Kickdynamic recognises the device being used to view an email and as a result can display content that is only relevant to that device.

Top Tip for Christmas Number 11: User Generated Content

Add social feeds into your email so that you always display the most recent, up-to-date social media posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter....

Top Tip for Christmas Number 10: Live Feeds

Using a live feed we can display the most popular products purchased from your site in real-time in your email, perfect for shoppers struggling to...

Top Tip for Christmas Number 9: Content Automation

Use a Content Automation Tag to display the latest products added to your website every time the email is opened. Don’t spend hours building an...

Top Tip for Christmas Number 8: Weather Based Messaging

Why not send an email on Christmas day about the weather? We all talk about a white Christmas but it rarely happens so use this as an...

Top Tip for Christmas Number 7: Geo-Targeting

Shoppers in the UK and shoppers in Australia are subject to very different weather conditions when doing their Christmas shopping. Through the use...

Top Tip for Christmas Number 6: Get Personal

Create a personalised image such as a Christmas card to wish your subscribers a happy Christmas. Pull personal information such as first name from...

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