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What do you think about our new branding?

We have been going through an evolution of our branding here at Kickdynamic over the last few months. This includes more clear and concise...

Why 2017/18 was a standout year for Kickdynamic

Hello everyone, Matt here. If I haven't met you yet, I'm CEO and Co-Founder of Kickdynamic.

Three Mobile personalized image with awesome alliteration

Three use a personalised image with a twist in their email. The first letter of the recipient’s name determines headline: Matt’s Mail, Jordan’s...

Customer Event 26th May 2016, Soho Hotel London

I'm very pleased to tell you that we are holding our fourth Customer Event on Thursday May 26th at the Soho Hotel in London! Our customer events...

In the spotlight: ASDA Live Currency Tag

The ASDA Money site features the latest travel rates offered by ASDA at the point in time that you visit the site. This is powered by an external...

Find out what's new & shiny this month!

What is coming in March? Every month (or so) we push the latest version of the OpenTime marketing platform live to our customers. So what's new?...

Net-A-Porter time-zone specific countdown timers

In December, Net-A-Porter used countdown timers to countdown to the last day for delivery before Christmas for each specific time zone they send...

Customer Event Thursday 17th September

Last Thursday, September 17th, saw the return of our popular Kickdynamic customer event. Forty representatives from well-known retail, travel and...

Is Open Time context the new segmentation?

Kickdynamic is the the pioneer of contextual marketing technology allowing our customers to embed high converting, contextual content into email...

Email's most advanced contextual rule builder

Use email's most advanced rule builder to adapt content to the exact contextual situation of your customer at the time they open email.

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